Our company, newmedia.net (founded in 2003) has a strong background and technical knowledge in the field of new media products and services :Not only for e-marketing plan, e-business plan and internet marketing services but also for marketing/sales consultancy for greek agricultural products, export and for certain hotels in Greece providing special services.

This year we have special department in our company working with many Greek producers of agricultural products and we are interested in finding dealers abroad that they are keen on importing Greek agricultural products (olive oil, pepper, fruits, etc)

We are working also as marketing consultants with certain hotels in Greece providing special/alternative tourism services like well-being/health tourism (yoga, natural spring spa etc),sports tourism, Greek cultural tourism with a glympse of the ancient Greek monuments etc

Distinguishable characteristics of newmedianet include novelty, enthousiasm
An essential characteristic nowadays is interactivity. Newmedia.net helps businesses from many sectors in Greece, especially in the agricultural and tourism sector, to make new partnerships/sales abroad.

For us, each customer is our purpose, a project of success. Our satisfaction is to achieve their business goals.

The innnovative technology in SHOP1 e-marketplace platform is that we can import directly thousands of products from any e-shop developed in special platforms like prestashop, osCommerce, cs-cart, joomla virtuemart. We developed a special custom application/importer of xml datafeed for the above eshop platforms and we update our product database from every member’s eshop database. (our XML import engine is connected every day to member’s eshop and fetch new products and their details)

The offered products and services are listed below. Actually we are using the following marketing tools for our clients to expand their business in several markets abroad

SMS MARKETING/bulk sms services with private business sms gateway (24/7 access to web-based bulk sms software) and very competetive prices for European routes/telecoms
BLUETOOTH MARKETING hardware/software and java applications development for bluetooth marketing campaigns.
Eshop DEVELOPMENT (prestashop) WITH HTML5/MOBILE PLATFORM VERSION FOR IPHONE/ANDROID/SYMBIAN/WINDOWS MOBILE and custom/extra modules for mass update product information, special xml PRODUCTS export module for marketplaces like shop1, ebay etc
DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS hardware and software(xml version update for custom screens)
CD BUSINESS CARDS production (inkjet and offset printed)
LOYALTY/reward web-based software (supports multiuser, sms alerts, groups for silver/gold members, statistics) AND pvc card fast production in Greece at very competetive prices
Custom ANDROID Applications development and custom JAVA applications development.
EBUSINESS/marketing CONSULTING. We can run new business plan/marketing plan services for our clients to promote their business and products abroad.

Country: Greece

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 1-10

Phone: 302410539535

Email: mariosgr@gmail.com

City: LARISSA 41500,MAKARIOU 2B Google map

Areas of Activities


    Business Services

      ICT and Electrical Engineering

        Programming Languages


          SMSC/ bulk sms platform at competitive prices for Servia

          The Greek company offers SMSC platform which uses SMSC and its features for managing connections to mobile operators including commercial conditions, and secure high performance on SMS messages, e.g.bulk campaign advertisements sent by telemarketing customers. The platform includes SMPP interface (both ESME client and server interfaces), advanced routing between SMPP, SS7 TDM and SIGTRAN interfaces, and 1000 SMS/second for bulk- one of the fastest SMSCs available. The web user interface provides efficient tools for SMSC administrators and for customers campaign management. he solution is suitable for:
          MT bulk for advertisement campaigns, etc.
          MO for subscriber responses to advertising, radio/tv broadcasts, contests etc.
          Store and forward for MO SMS

          The Greek company could also provide multiple support to any interested company in this platform including access to Telecoms players, and web developers with easy http2sms implementation, etc.

          Keywords: smsbulk smssms softwaremobile marketing
          Cooperation Offered
          1. Investment/Financing
          2. Technical co-operation
          3. Outsourcing co-operation

          Loyalty web-based software and Pvc card production

          The Greek company offers a LOYALTY/reward web-based software that supports barcode for the member card, multi-user, sms alerts, groups for silver/gold members, statistics/analytics, automatic reward system, compatibility with any website to show client points and custom interaction with any e-shop. In addition the company offers PVC CARD offset printed fast production in Greece at very competetive prices ( i.e. production capacity for 10,000 pvc cards in 10 business days, 100% pvc, full color, offset printed, custom fields like Name, Number, Barcode on the card).

          Keywords: loyalty softwareloyalty systempvc cardsreward systemloyalty web softwareloyalty
          Cooperation Offered
          1. Technical co-operation
          2. Investment/Financing

          Innovative New b2c e-marketplace platform addressing any sector

          Shop1.gr is an online marketplace for businesses and individuals. Members can buy and sell products and services. It is actually business to business, business to consumer and consumer to consumer marketplace. “Gold” or “silver” members are permitted to upload-publish unlimited products on the marketplace using their xml product feed. In addition, Shop1.gr is taking part in exhibitions in Greece focusing on agricultural, biological and hand-made traditional products.

          The innnovative character of shop1 platform is that the user or/and administrator is allowed to import directly thousands of products from any e-shop developed in special platforms like prestashop, osCommerce, cs-cart, joomla virtuemart. The Greek company has developed a special custom application/importer of xml datafeed for the above eshop platforms. By this way, the admin of the system is capable of setting up a database of millions of products very soon.

          The Greek company is looking for official or authorised partners for shop1 e-marketplace b2b and b2c platform, in order to expand this b2b and b2c network in any country. More precisely, the Greek company is interested to make a joint venture with a company from any other EU country and work on shop1 marketplace project set up. There are at least 2 collaboration options for any other interested company:
          purchase the platform and technology from the Greek company and then run it by your own in your country under a revenue sharing model with the Greek body (i.e. 80%-100% of subscriptions for the local partner - this is under consideration). At a later stage, the two companies can connect our databases, for example: the Greek and the Spanish databases of businesses.
          work very closely with the Greek company and run the platform in SaaS model. In this option, both companies should share profits coming from subscriptions (50% - 50%). In addition, the Greek company is open to discuss any other option of collabotion.

          The platform is modular and could be also be available in Android or iPhone OS format on demand.

          The Greek company is capable to develop with you any e-marketplace platform addressing any sector. The company has consolidated experience regarding e-marketplaces addressing the Greek market, since they have developed and run shop1 (www.shop1.gr) e-marketplace and employee a talented development and sales team.

          Keywords: b2b and b2c e-marketplace platform Shop1
          Cooperation Offered
          1. Investment/Financing
          2. Technical co-operation
          3. Outsourcing co-operation