Zijad Redžić , CEO at Loremica Ltd.


Bilateral Meetings

  • 18th April (09:30-12:00)
  • 18th April (12:30-17:00)

Loremica is a small IT company from Varaždin, Croatia, currently situated in Technology Park Varaždin Ltd., as a part of incubation center for innovative start-up companies.

Co-founders are Zijad Redžić and Davor Malnar. Team that founded inCloudz, and people currently working for Loremica, are young and ambitious software engineers that strive on creating innovative and quality IT solutions.

Country: Croatia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 1-10

Phone: +385958381991

Email: zijad.redzic@loremica.com

City: Varaždin 42000,Zagrebačka 89 Google map

Areas of Activities


    Business Services

      ICT and Electrical Engineering

        Programming Languages

          Research and Development

            Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media


              Creative IT development

              We offer business or other type of software development such as private business cloud or complex online business solutions. Also we are experienced in mobile app development and design. We accept outsourcing jobs in most known technology (PHP, Java, Android, iOS, HTML5, jQuery, NodeJS, Redis, Python, C++, .Net).

              Keywords: software developmentmobile appscreative designbusiness softwarebusiness cloud
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Outsourcing co-operation
              2. Technical co-operation

              Private business cloud

              We can provide you a private business cloud solution for your own company and/or partners. Your private cloud can be customized for your needs. Private business cloud includes set of tools for management company business (CRM, HRM, Project Menagmnet etc.), communication between employees and business partners, sharing data.

              Keywords: cloudprivate business cloudintranetprivate cloud
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Technical co-operation
              2. Outsourcing co-operation

              Seed investment or strategic partner

              inCloudz is cloud based IT solution for SMEs.

              inCloudz is an online business platform, specifically designed for small and medium enterprises. It's cloud based and requires only a computer with Internet access. It's simple and user friendly, designed to provide complete administration support.

              Using our system business can access a set of tools that enable easier company management with all its accompanying elements. The system itself is unique and innovative, and its simplicity makes it easy to use. It was designed to facilitate the operations of small and medium sized enterprises and assist newly opened business. It's also ideal for companies that are just starting to work, and still have problems with funding. This software package provides them, with a minimum monthly fee, programming capabilities of large computers and databases.

              The system enables creating company profile, communication between businesses, business organization, e-office (invoices and more), project management, products and services presentation and many other details that help SMEs. The specific problems that are solved by using our system are: high costs, a complicated system of finances, market penetration and survival, communications, project management, keeping track of employees, etc.

              With all the above, system creates a competitive advantage for a company that uses it. Additionally it eases small firms to enter the market, and connect and unite in order to survive in the market and reduce operational risks.

              Keywords: business cloudssmesbusiness toolsinvestmentfinancingclusterbusiness network
              Cooperation Requested
              1. Outsourcing co-operation
              2. Technical co-operation
              3. Investment/Financing