Marin Jozic , Project Coordinator at Intera Technology Park


Foundation for innovation and technology development, or shortly INTERA, is non-profit and non-governmental organization established with the goal of encouraging and supporting economic development processes in Herzegovina. INTERA Foundation was established on the initiative of entrepreneurial community of City of Mostar. It was created as a result of the real need for technology-oriented, developmental and innovative projects and qualified and educated workforce that will be competitive in domestic and foreign markets.

Activities to promote entrepreneurship, support and incubate start-ups, provide training and education, foster business and academic networking – all this summed up in two words means: technology park.

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Organization Type: Organizations

Phone: +38736327972

Email: marin.jozic@intera.ba

City: Mostar 88000,Bisce polje b.b. Google map